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Who We Are

Hotels data providers with complete solutions.

We made a six-digit investment to serve you always with the most accurate hotels and accommodations data from our validated database.


We have a strict, internal quality standard to ensure you with the best quality that match Global Distribution Systems one.

Complete Solutions

It's available on hotel name, address, web rating, map location, services, email, phone star rating, rooms, size, city, country, hotel images and many other details.


The database is the result of human work and cutting-edge technology. It is meant to collect all hotels details and images in the world in one places.


Start to maximize your market share in hotels and travel industry today! Support your innovative hotel booking script and reservation system with data.

What We Do

We bring you all world-wide hotels data including images and contact details.

Welcome to Lodgingeo.com! The world's largest, accurate and modern hotels database. An excellent project has been begun in the past. This project brings you the biggest hotels database in the world. It's intending to have an around the world database of every hotels.

Data for Marketing

Information from the hotels database is excellent for market research and e-mail marketing. The worldwide database of hotels can be an essential part of the business strategy. Market research is a key factor in maintaining competitiveness over competitors.

Data for Booking sites

Start to maximize your market share in hotels and travel industry today! Building an extensive database is a time-intensive activity. You can use our database to support your hotel booking script and booking system. It can bring life to your reservation system idea.


Nevertheless, this is a financial investment that pays for itself over in addition to over once more. To contribute to your data source all relevant new details you need about your consumer, we process a match for your database concerning ours.

Business Report

Identifying strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities can help managers create strategies to exploit strengths or minimize weaknesses to take advantage of opportunity and avoid threats. This report combined with our worldwide hotels database can be crucial for your business.

Holiday Rentals

Several companies are counting holiday accommodation properties amongst their consumers and marketing it for them. Company development is not understood by passively awaiting clients, however coming close to the markets proactively. Set apart advertising and proactive online sales consistently means to trigger customers in a direct technique.

Sales Channels

Since years we can frequently witness our consumers to remarkably increasing their online sales and also successfully raise their market shares, once they ventured this direct strategy of possible customers. It occurs even then, when their items varied just partially from those of their rivals. Our great encounter and a network of strong companions will aid to maximize your success by online sales.

What Clients Are Saying.

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Your team’s professionalism and willingness to do whatever it takes with minimal interruption was recognized by everyone. You and your company are great partners and I enjoy working with you.

Agnieszka Mizak Manager, Insight Guides
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In my history of working with Hotels data vendors, I can honestly say that there is not one company that I've ever worked with that has better service than Lodgingeo services.

René Frey CEO, APA Publications
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Lodgingeo is always responsive to any question I have, they keep me informed and they understand who we are and what we’re trying to do. And, any time that I make contact with them, they let me know they’ve received it.

Mike Aberg PhD, Harvard University
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